Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Show Your Support

Dear Friends,

You probably already know by now that I am running for NEA Director. I hope that, if you have a Facebook profile, that you are following me on that as well. I plan on being an active and visible participant throughout my campaign. I will update both sites with insights about me and educational issues. I will let you know the people that I have been talking with and how we are all working toward continuing Iowa's strong tradition of NEA Directors.

The next step is for you to show your support! I have appreciated the fact that many of you have already expressed this either on Facebook or directly to me. What I am asking is that you "Show" it. Please let people know that you support me by telling me publicly.  You can leave a comment on this blog showing your support.  Share a good anecdote or reason why my election as NEA Director is the next "right step" for Iowa. I have always and will always continue to "Listen to YOU, Communicate with YOU, and Speak for YOU.